The Lens Cap

A lot of Holga purists will tell you to throw away the lens cap. Why? For a couple of reasons; firstly, so you don't end up with blank photographs, secondly, you have a plastic lens - any scrapes or scratches will make your Holga even more unique.

Personally, I keep the lens cap as it comes in handy when making multiple exposures with flashes. Also it stops your lens getting covered in dust or dirt when you throw your Holga in your bag. If you decide to keep your lens cap, remember to take it off before taking a picture! I always look at the lens before pressing the shutter, and again before I wind on. That way if I forget to take the lens cap off I can just take another picture before winding on.

Remembering to remove the lens cap

If, like many new Holga users, you find yourself regularly forgetting to take of your lens cap, then perhaps you need something to remind you. Keith Odom from Portland, Oregon sent me in a great little hack:

I wanted to provide an alternative to having to always remember to look to see if your lens cap is on before shooting. I used some bendy-tie that I got at the market that was tied around veggies. Bend into a 'V" then secure with a little electrician's tape. Cut so that it is visible from the view finder. The only thing you have to remember is to replace the cap so that it is properly aligned with the finder. It does get bent a bit when the camera is being jostled around, but that's easy to manage. It has saved me on many a shot!

Replacement lens cap

So you lost your original plastic lens cap. Have no fear. You either roll without one, or you can simply make your own! No more scratching or dust on your lens. Plus you get that awesome warm feeling from making something yourself.